Dinosaur Hill - Fruita, CO
July 2003
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Near the Colorado National Monument was a roadside marker designating “Dinosaur Hill,” so one morning instead of going for a walk near the campground, we went to Dinosaur Hill.  It turns out that this place played a very special part in our personal history.  On this looking hillside in 1900, Elmer S. Riggs, Assistant Curator of Paleontology at the Field Museum in Chicago, excavated the remains of the dinosaur exhibited on the main floor of the Field Museum in Chicago, 

The Field Museum was one of the places you go in the winter when the weather keeps you inside, and the inside is too confining.  It was the place you went on a rainy Sunday afternoon in spring or fall, when other plans had to be canceled.  And, if you were at the beach in summer when the weather turned ugly, the Planetarium, the Aquarium or the Field Museum were your choices of refuge.  Anyway, now Dinosaur Sue holds the place of honor once occupied by Riggs’ Brontosaurus, but it is still there in another location.  So, that’s how our past is connected to a hill in Colorado, and we very much enjoyed our morning stroll there.