On an Everglades boat trip, the captain stopped the motor and let us drift in the river where manatees are abundant.  We were rewarded with four of them practically within arms length.  I had been trying to get a glimpse of them in the wild since we arrived where they are.  These endangered species sea mammals are fascinating, and I really wanted a glimpse of them. 

All you can see of them in the wild is their nose when they come up for air.  If you look closely at the water shots in the wild, you can see the little nose in the center of the photo. 

At Epcot's Living Seas exhibit there is one young manatee who was rescued as a baby.  She was injured and the white marks on her back are her scars.  She is very graceful and swims slowly grazing as she goes along.

See the nose in the middle of the water
There it is again
And again
Manatee in Epcot's Living Seas
She was rescued as a baby
She is three years old
She weighs 1400+ pounds
She swims slowly and gracefully
She is eating lettuce