Battery Park
At this site in 1720 the "gentleman pirate," Stede Bonnet, and 50 others were hanged in this park while citizens looked on and jeered. During the Revolutionary War citizens repelled an attack by the Royal Navy.  During the battle, the new state flag was shot down and Sgt. William Jasper grabbed a gun sponger, mounted the flag on it and waved it in the face of the Brits.  See his monument below.

This park, also known as White Point Gardens, is virtually the same since the Civil War when Charlestonians could look out at Fort Sumter where the first shots of the war were fired.  During the Civil War, the park reverted to being Battery Ramsey, and a monument to the crew of the Confederate submarine Hunley stands here. 

House on Battery Park
William Jasper Monument
Hunley Monument
Hotel/B&B at the Park
Battery Park
Relaxed Resident
in the middle of a sidewalk