Opry Exterior

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We arrived in Music City and ordered tickets to The Grand Old Opry for Saturday night.  When we went to pick up the tickets early Saturday morning, there was a traffic jam both ways on the freeway approaching the Opry exit.  We went a little farther and took a back road in.  The traffic was due to most of the folks in Nashville coming to the new shopping mall which opened a week earlier.  They closed and tore down the old Opryland and built a mega mall in its place.  The masses of people were reminiscent of crowds the week before Christmas. 

Now, as for the Opry itself, it was after we got our tickets that I learned it is a radio show.  I guess I just thought it was a performance hall where country entertainers appeared.  Loretta (pronounced LOW retta) Lynn and Patty Loveless were the only ones there I had heard of.  It was an experience.