Dallas, Texas - March 2000
Downtown Dallas is glass and class.  I loved seeing that huge glass complex they used to show on TV with all the reflections in it.  I photographed it and when all the photos accompanying these travels become web pages (yes, I'm going to get it done) you can see it too!    The huge concrete JFK Memorial is aptly dubbed “the empty tomb.”  The concrete enclosure without a roof is designed to be a place of meditation.  Just a block away is Deely Plaza and the former Texas Book Depository from which Oswald fired the assassination shots.  The Sixth Floor is a multimedia memorial to JFK’s life and death, centering heavily on his death and the subsequent events and investigations.  A little depressing but certainly informative.  The audio tour was excellent.

We tried to visit “Old City Park” but it seemed to be under construction, so we didn't stop.  We drove to “Fair Park”  and went one step beyond the guide book instructions, “It is advisable to visit the park and fairgrounds only during daylight hours.  Leave wallets and handbags in a safe place and travel with a partner.”  We drove around it at a good clip.

Dallas Skyline
Dallas Skyscraper
Dallas Courthouse
JFK Memorial or Empty Tomb
JFK Plaque
In JFK Memorial
Dallas County
Historical Plaza
Dallas cabin on
square with JFK
Reflection pool on Deely Plaza
Us at Book Depository
Magnificent glass skyscrapers