Pecos, Texas
March 2000
Pecos, Texas is the home of the first rodeo. The Texas wind was rocking Camelot as if it were a tent!  The next morning we pulled out and went to the museum in town.  Interesting building housed in a 19th century hotel complete with a saloon with brass markers indicating where the local gunfighters were killed.  Also picked up some western lore that I had never heard before.  Stories of both lawmen and outlaws spoke of them wearing metal breastplates (bullet-proof vests).  How about that?

Anyway, back to Pecos.  By the time we finished our couple of hours in the museum, the wind which had been fairly strong when we entered, was at full gale force.  The radio said a local highway was closed due to zero visibility, so we drove (very carefully) back to the RV park from whence we had come.  I went in to recheck us in, and when I came back to the rig, the wind was blowing so strongly that I had to hold on to the door with both hands to keep it from being damaged.  I made it up to the second step when a gust of wind blew me off the steps and a few feet away.  The door can be fixed, but I havenít hurt in so many places all at once in years.

The storm continued through the remainder of the afternoon and finally let up about sundown.  The Texas brown dust infiltrated through every miniscule opening in our motorhome.  Must take off a day to clean, vacuum, wash and shampoo everything. We sat out the storm then drove on down the road to Abilene.  Ray drove, and I creaked around.

Pecos Museum
Western Union
Heavy safe - how
did those old
robbers do it?
Spiral fire escape
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